Ground Damage Prevention Mat Hire for Temporary & Permanent Events

ground-protection-mats-hire-midlandsGround Damage Prevention Mats – Access Tracks

Ground Protection Mat Rentals: Event Flooring Solutions suitable for both temporary and permanent applications, ground protection mats from MSM Block Hire provide the ideal solution to cater for all ground reinforcement requirements.

Our durable ground protection mats feature a lightweight design, enabling them to be both quick and easy to manoeuvre and install.

MSM Block Hire Damage Prevention Mats feature fantastic resilience and flexibility in terms of positioning, allowing them to form one solid temporary roadway when laid width-ways, or alternatively as two separated parallel tracks.

Manufactured using high density polyethylene, our Damage Prevention Mats can withstand weights of up to 40 tonnes; making them the ideal access trackway solution for all requirements. We can install Ground protection mats for all your events, Festivals or Concerts large or small.

A variety of connectors are available, including plastic links, HD cable ties, steel joiners and also U joiners for sloping or cambered ground.

Ground protection mat rentals for all your indoor & outdoor event flooring solutions, Metal links require no tools for Installation.


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