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Concrete Hoarding Blocks Sales & Hire for Schools

Securing one side of the fence or hoarding with hoarding blocks provides immense stability and rigidity, even where structures face severe wind loads. The effectiveness of the blocks means support can be applied to one side only, leaving the face completely clear, unobstructed and visually pleasing.

Pictured: Hoarding around a High School in Camden London

MSM Hire are a well known supplier of a range of Kentledge blocks, hoarding blocks and anchor blocks.

Available as a 500 kg block and a 1000kg block, our Kentledge blocks are sturdy and capable of providing much needed stabilisation. The ballast blocks can be used on a standalone basis or can be mechanically integrated into construction to provide the right level of anchorage for any temporary structure.

Precast concrete Kentledge blocks are deployed to act as ballast weights or counterweights to provide stabilisation for a variety of temporary structures.

Concrete Hoarding Block HireConcrete Hoarding Block HireConcrete Hoarding Block HireConcrete Hoarding Block Hire