LG8 Block Hire installation for Pembrokeshire’s 7m Blue Stone National Park Resort

Pembrokeshire’s New Sky Dome in the Blue Stone National Park. MSM Hire are proud to have supplied Wales’s latest attraction with our Legato Blocks (LG8).

These blocks weigh in at 2.4 tonnes or 2400KG and in this case are being used as ballast during the construction phase of the Sky Dome resort.

Working in conjunction with our clients we ascertained their needs and because of our vast experience we were able to supply and deliver the LG8 blocks from our stocks off the shelf in a matter of days.

Pembrokeshire’s Blue Stone National Park Resort are using our high strength concrete LG8 Legato blocks for the newly approved £7m ‘SkyDome’ resort. The Sky Dome which will cover the size of a football pitch have been approved for a Pembrokeshire tourist attraction.

The breathtaking new facility will see a transparent canopy arched over a massive 7000 sqm area where lots of new activities will be launched, along with a 500-seat amphitheatre.

We’re going to bring the outdoors, indoors so you’ll be able to enjoy everything that you love about Pembrokeshire, under a weather proof dome. MSM Hire’s LG8 Legato Blocks are to act as the Ballast to provide stability to the structure.
Thank you Mat and his team!

Blue Stone National park development, LG8 Lego block hire

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