Trespass prevention with Concrete Barriers

    Calling all Landlords & Managing Agents!

    Did you know prevention of trespass is the responsibility of the land owner, not the Police or the Council.

    Avoid lengthy and not to mention costly civil court proceedings and take immediate steps to protect your site.

    Our precast concrete barriers/blocks are the perfect solution to aid in the protection of your land and buildings against unauthorised access, vandals, illegal waste tapping and vandalism.

    Our concrete blocks are also suitable for a variety of other uses including:

    • Unauthorsised parking prevention management concrete barriers
    • Ram raid protection and hostile vehicle mitigation (against terrorist attacks)
    • Site protection concrete blocksthese can be used along side our heras fencing to secure your boundary
    • Site traffic management concrete barriers for building & constructions sites and festivals
    • Workforce Safety concrete barriersour Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are suitable for highways use. 
    • Secure your establishment or public venue against terrorist attacks with concrete barriersour jersey barriers can be customised to suit your establishment. 
    • Ballast weights, Counterweights and Kentledge concrete blocksKeep you scaffolding, stages and scaffolding secure from movement 
    • Flood defence systems – water tight concrete blocks 
    • Interlocking Lego Blocks for Waste Bay creation for local council and authorities